Making a Major Change in Your Life – Breaking it Down in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever felt like you were on the beginning of a great journey into the unknown of your own life and as much as you are craving the change, you feel overwhelmed and almost too scared to take the first step? You know in the larger picture of your life that this journey is necessary and vital for you to live authentically and yet you hesitate out of fear because you might just actually be successful? What then?

We know that all great journeys begin with a single step and then another and another… I happened across a sweet quote that really resonated with me when contemplating the very act of stepping out of my comfort zone…

Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can…                Arthur Ashe

This very sage advice is so simple and yet so profound.


Mastin Kip from The Daily Love advises “If things aren’t going the way you want them to, you are feeling stuck, or confused, then perhaps what is happening for you is that you are waking up and you are feeling the calling to live your life’s purpose. You are not a carbon copy of someone else, you don’t need to compare yourself to others, and you don’t have to do it perfectly. Tomorrow, is the worse time to start and yesterday was the best time to start but we’ll settle for today. “

I love this advice! Just do something today that propels you forward on your journey – make that list, contact that person, start writing that blog, make that appointment. It doesn’t have to be huge and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you look at just one simple and small task or action step to propel you forward. Connect with people who believe in your dreams and abilities, hang out with them, ask for their advice (if they are where you would like to be), befriend others who are already living the life you are moving towards. The key here is to get started. The number one regret of the dying is that they didn’t live the life of their dreams, they didn’t have a go, and they never took a chance…

Please don’t let this be you.


Take stock of where you are in life. What are your talents and natural abilities? What life skills and experiences do you bring forth from your life thus far that will support you on this journey of change? These are the keys to living an authentic life – one that naturally feels right for you to live and will reward you and others long term. Start having conversations with people who know you best, if you are unsure, and note the common themes that arise from these life-changing conversations. Let the burning desire of your dream power you up and be the reason you rise each day to bring about the necessary changes you seek. Time is going to pass anyway and wouldn’t you rather be living a life you feel passionate about and on purpose for?

Utilize the skills you already have in a way that supports the changes you are seeking to make.


Action is vital to create the forward momentum you seek to achieve with the   dream/journey/lifestyle you desire. If your dream is to write a book and you were to write a just one page a day, then within a year you would certainly have your book completed. If your journey were to shed a significant amount of weight – then adding in a simple walk a day would also show remarkable results within twelve months. Say your dream is to grow a self-sustaining garden – then again, with a little effort every day – your plants would be flourishing, and garden thriving by the year’s end. Perhaps your dream is to travel the world – by simply setting up a separate savings account and having a small automatic deduction going into this account every payday you would have a significant amount of money within a year in order to achieve your dream.

Making small and manageable adjustments to your everyday life can make the world of difference to achieving your dreams and lifestyle you wish to live.

Procrastination is the biggest killer of passion and success.

You deserve to Live your Life Joyfully and its up to you to make it happen…

Go on! I dare you!


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